COVID-19 has completely changed daily life as we know it and if you were scheduled to tie the knot in the next several weeks or months, sadly it’s likely all your plans have come crashing down. Merrimu is a stunning boutique wedding venue Melbourne couples have chosen for memorable wedding receptions and celebrations for over 60 years. The impact of this health crisis has left us devastated and our hearts go out to all Australians at this horrific time. If you have been planning an upcoming wedding, it is understandable that you may be feeling confused, disheartened and downright distressed. Here is a guide that may help to give you some confidence about how to move forward with your wedding plans.

COVID-19 Restrictions for Weddings in Australia

From March 25th, the wedding industry has been severely impacted by social distancing restrictions.

Weddings can still take place, but only with a maximum of five people in attendance – the couple, a celebrant and two witnesses. It has been advised that these restrictions will be in place for a minimum of 90 days, and potentially up to 6 months.

Proceeding as Planned

With a maximum of 5 people in attendance, it is currently only possible for small elopement-style ceremonies to take place. If you still want to get married on your original wedding date, you are allowed to do so, as long as you adhere to the new requirements. Many couples have chosen to make things official with a small ceremony on this date and have postponed their wedding receptions until a future date where celebrations can safely occur.

Postponing Your Big Day

While it may be an overwhelming decision to postpone a day that you have spent months, if not years, already planning, you should be assured that the vast majority of wedding venues and vendors will be incredibly understanding and do everything they can to help make the postponement as hassle-free as possible. Wedding venues and vendors have been hugely impacted by this health crisis so would much rather help facilitate the postponement than lose your business altogether. If your wedding is scheduled to take place within the next 3 months, it is advisable that you contact your venue and all of your suppliers as soon as possible to find out about their postponement policy and to determine a new date for later this year, or even beyond to safeguard yourself against a second postponement.

What if I Want to Cancel My Wedding?

If you are considering cancelling your wedding altogether, you will need to check the terms and conditions in the contracts you’ve signed with your wedding venue and suppliers. It is likely that most deposits you have paid will be non-refundable and you’ll forfeit any money you’ve put down to secure the services of the vendors. Also remember that depending on the location of your wedding venue and its proximity to suppliers, cancellation may even see you incur additional costs. If you are thinking that it all seems a bit hard to postpone your special day and cancelling is the better option, remember that your venue and suppliers will help you through the process and will still help to make your day everything you dreamed and more. If you are unable to secure all of your suppliers on the new date, your wedding venue will be able to help suggest alternative vendors.

Continue Planning Your Wedding

While the Coronavirus pandemic is causing chaos right now, hopefully sooner rather than later, it will be long behind us. As hard as it is to reschedule the day you have been dreaming about, don’t stop your wedding planning. The entire wedding industry from boutique wedding venues to florists, photographers and caterers are here to help you bring your big day together and celebrate in style with your loved ones when the day eventually comes.

At Merrimu, as a much loved boutique wedding venue Melbourne couples trust to host their special events, it is with a heavy heart that we had to see many couples alter their wedding plans due to the impact of COVID-19. The good news is, we have worked tirelessly with our clients to secure suitable alternative dates and keep our couples excited and inspired to continue planning the wedding day they always imagined.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy as Australia navigates this terrible crisis. If you have any questions regarding the postponement of a wedding at Merrimu or to discuss the option of holding your wedding reception at our stunning venue in the future, call us today on (03) 9568 1811 or contact us online.

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