Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, most weddings across the world have been put on hold at least until the end of 2020 and while weddings will eventually go ahead again, there’s no doubt that celebrating weddings in the post-COVID-19 world is going to be different. With social distancing becoming the new normal, weddings may be downsized and include an emphasis on top-notch hygiene standards as well as alternative seating and layout arrangements. Merrimu is one of the leading wedding reception venues in Melbourne, and we are committed to impeccable hygiene standards and we are currently evolving to ensure the safety and wellbeing of couples and guests. Let’s have a look at a few changes that may occur in weddings during the latter half of the year and well into the future.

There Will Likely Be a Rise in Smaller, More Intimate Events

Large weddings with hundreds of people will likely be replaced with smaller, more intimate events.

Having 200, or even 150 guests may become a thing of the past with small weddings becoming much more desirable for most people. With everyone now very aware about controlling the spread of infections, it is hard to put in place any sort of control over infections when you pack a large volume of people into a confined space.

Multiple Backup Options for Dates Could Be the New Normal

In the future it’s very likely that couples won’t just have one wedding date, they may secure a backup date just in case. Additionally, future contracts with vendors may also incorporate the increased possibility of rescheduling a wedding. Pre-pandemic, many venues and vendors were not so accommodating when it came to postponing a date and some contracts may have had strict rules about rescheduling that often included a monetary loss. Post-COVD we may see updated contracts and couples asking to do a soft hold on a future date if anything happens to their current date.

Buffets, Grazing Tables and Share Platters May Be a thing of the Past

While there is no evidence the Coronavirus is spread through food, buffets and sharing platters make social distancing difficult. When people congregate over a shared food source, they share the same utensils and are in very close proximity for lengthy periods of time so there is opportunity for disease and infection to spread. While family-style meals and grazing tables were a growing wedding trend before the pandemic, it’s likely we will see a return to individual sit down-style meals.

Creative Hand Sanitizing and Hygiene Solutions Will Be Included

With guests moving between rooms, pulling out seats, lifting glasses, embracing and shaking hands, it will be more important than ever to have accessible sanitizers and wipes everywhere, and to even be inventive about it. Couples may personalise sanitisers with their own special labels or include ‘sanitation stations’ scattered around the venue. The safety and wellbeing of guests during celebrations will be paramount so couples may even wish to include temperature checks upon arrival and supply details of guests to the venue for contact tracing should an outbreak occur.

Seating Arrangements Will Be More Carefully Planned

Weddings after COVID-19 will be accompanied by an increased attentiveness particularly related to seating arrangements and proximity of guests overall. Seating arrangements are often notoriously difficult, they now provide an opportunity to distance certain people from each other. For example, elderly guests might be seated away from people who travel frequently. Ceremony layouts may also transform. For example, there may be more creative seating arrangements such as a circular or half-moon orientation for the ceremony that allows for more space with a 360-degree view of the couple.

Wedding Stationery Will Likely Include More Details

It’s predicted the wedding stationery of the future will likely include more details such instructions so guests know how they’ll be expected to prepare and participate as well as expectations surrounding social distancing, food service and/or other safety measures you plan to apply to your event. This will ensure guests know what to expect and put aside any concerns they may have about attending a large event.

The new normal for weddings across the world is going to be significantly different. It’s important to stay informed, make appropriate decisions and rethink clever ways to plan happy and safe celebrations post the pandemic. If you are a planning a wedding and need further advice on safety and hygiene, or if you have questions or concerns regarding a future wedding, get in touch with the team at Merrimu today. Our team are here to help make your big day everything you want and more. Call us today on (03) 9568 1811 or contact us online now.

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