There is no doubt that spring and summer are the most popular wedding seasons, however autumn should definitely not be overlooked. There’s something extra special about autumn weddings, not only is the climate almost perfect, the changing foliage makes for a romantic and magical atmosphere. At Merrimu, we have been consistently voted as one of the best Melbourne wedding venues and our beautiful, manicured gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful autumn wedding. The transition period where the heat of summer is behind us, and the cooler temperatures are setting in, the autumn season provides numerous benefits for your wedding, here’s just some of them.

The Weather

While many couples opt for a summer wedding expecting a day filled with sunshine, often this means a day in the high 30’s or even 40’s and that can be unpleasant for everyone. If you’ve chosen an autumn date, you will know to expect a chillier evening but it’s likely the day will be warm and dry with a touch of sun. Due to this, your choice of dress style will be far more diverse, with an elegant long sleeved dresses a perfect option, with no fear of overheating in the summer sun. Your guests will also be comfortable in their attire, especially the men dressed in full suits.

Outdoor Settings

Autumn temperatures set a perfect backdrop for any wedding style, but especially an outdoor event. As we have mentioned, autumn is a pleasant climate for both guests and the bridal party, but it is also the time where trees are transitioning, leaves are falling and the glow of warm tones can provide a very picturesque setting. If you are unsure about holding your whole event outdoors, consider having your ceremony outside to take advantage of the pleasant daytime sun and then move indoors for your reception as the evening chill sets in.

A Striking Natural Colour Palette

One of the most iconic aspects of autumn is the gorgeous colours that showcase themselves at this time of year. Layering warm shades and jewel tones in your décor and styling such as dark red, burnt orange, burgundy, gold, plum, olive and dark turquoise will give your wedding a natural feel and fill everyone with a romantic warmth to embrace the beauty of the season and offset the extra chill in the air.

Beautiful Autumnal Flowers

Embrace the natural colours of autumn for your wedding bouquet. While spring and summer are the seasons for many wedding flower favourites, autumn has its own gorgeous blooms. Combine warm reds and oranges with lilies, baby’s breath and Australian natives and don’t forget to incorporate the all-important autumn foliage. Work with your floral designer to create a look designed with you and your unique reception venue in mind.

The Autumn Leaves

Above we mentioned adding plenty of autumn foliage to your bouquet and floral arrangements, as this is the time of year when the leaves begin to turn making this season so beautiful. Melbourne is home to some of the most picturesque autumn leaves in the country so make the most of them! Autumn leaves will also create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photographs and why not go one step further and use them as a natural alternative to confetti for that extra special touch.

Guests Are More Likely to Be There

By having an autumn wedding, the chances of half your guest list having holiday plans is significantly reduced as most people have already had their time off during summer so you don’t have to worry about dodging holidays, as well as other weddings in the peak of summer. An autumn wedding means your guests are more likely to be able to attend.

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