Once upon a time, it was expected that almost everyone you knew should be invited to your wedding – extended families, family friends, old friends, new friends and everyone you work with. In recent years, that’s shifted in favour of intimate weddings, and with the recent social distancing restrictions enforced due to COVID-19, many couples were forced to downsize their guest lists to as few as 5 people. At Merrimu, we are a boutique small reception venue in Melbourne boasting timeless charm and picturesque gardens. A great wedding doesn’t have to be a big and extravagant affair, there are actually many benefits in choosing to share your big day with only your nearest and dearest.

It’s More Affordable

It’s no secret that weddings can be very expensive and one of the easiest ways to slash your costs is to reduce your guest list. Not only will your catering costs be cheaper, you’ll need fewer tables, decorations, favours, linens, etc. and you’ll spend less on the bar. Even if your budget isn’t super tight, having a smaller wedding can be a great way to make your money stretch further so that you can include all the details you want and even throw some money into the honeymoon fund.

You Can Add More Special Details

An intimate wedding allows the option to break away from tradition and add some personality and special details into proceedings. With a smaller wedding party, you have the opportunity to make the day your own and with the ability to pay more attention to details, you will be able to give your guests a truly unforgettable experience. A small guest list means it’s possible to create bespoke touches that might not have been possible had your guest list been larger. From hand-painted place cards, to personalized welcome notes, and carefully created gift bags filled with a selection of homemade delicacies. Not having to skimp on the details due to budget or time constraints means your wedding may actually turn out exactly as you have always imagined, without going into debt!

Spend More quality Time with Guests

How many weddings have you been to where you barely get to say a quick hello or goodbye to the bride and groom? The happy couple usually end up spending the entire reception moving from table to table trying to get a few minutes in with each and every guest. Not only is this exhausting, you may also miss out on noticing the details you’ve spent months, if not years, planning. A small wedding enables you to interact with all guests on a more intimate level, sharing the day with them and making everyone feel included and special.

There’s Less Stress

While smaller doesn’t always mean simpler, planning an event for twenty people is generally less overwhelming than coordinating one for 100 or more, especially when those twenty people are close friends and family. The reduced guest list will provide more flexibility in the planning process, more time to focus on the details and less worry about dwindling finances.

You Can Keep the Party Going

Just because you have a tiny wedding doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate with your extended friends and family. Keep the celebrations going by throwing more casual party like a backyard barbeque for extended family and friends in the days or weeks after your wedding. You can even plan your honeymoon around visiting friends or family that are interstate or overseas making it into a wedding tour and seeing everyone you love in some capacity. This will mean you have something to look forward to once your wedding is over, reducing the likelihood of post-wedding blues!

Less money, less stress, more time with loved ones and more special details – there really is so many benefits to scaling back your wedding and having a small, intimate event with those closest to you.

At Merrimu, we have beautiful function spaces for wedding parties of all sizes and we are highly regarded as one of Melbourne’s best small reception venues. With multiple stunning spaces, including an elegant dining room and manicured gardens perfect for smaller ceremonies and intimate receptions, get in touch with our team today online or by calling (03) 9568 1811 for more information.

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