A team that is happy and works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful so it goes without saying that team building events are essential if you want better team relations. From large corporations with thousands of staff members to small businesses with 10 employees, team building events are a must. Whatever the size of your company and no matter what industry you are in, your business will be more productive and successful when your team is happy. At Merrimu, we have many years’ experience hosting corporate events, so much so that we have earned a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best corporate function venues. So let’s look at why we think team building events are important and how you can make them fun.

Why Host Team Building Events?

Employees are the heart of every company, so investing in team building exercises enhances their roles and connections and provides many other benefits including:

They allow employees to get to know each other in a fun and safe environment outside of the workplace. It’s one thing to work alongside someone for 40 hours a week, but it’s another thing to chat with them casually and see them in a non-work setting.

They build bridges across departments – team building allows employees from different areas of the company to mingle and get to know each other meaning people can interact with colleagues they might not usually see. This also allows long-term employees to mix with new staff members, and it opens the doors for new friendships and work associations.

They improve morale – team building activities allow employees to have fun and when fun is encouraged the company culture significantly improves. These days with so many employees working remotely or on flexible schedules, it’s common for employees to work by themselves or only communicate with people via phone or email so team building events encourage staff to be engaged and feel included.

They make employees feel valued – most people want to work for a company that is fun and that recognizes that employees are actual people who like trying new things and spending time together. Allowing employees to take time away from the office to learn a new skill and interact with colleagues goes a long way in making staff feel like the company cares about them has their best interests at heart.

They encourage teamwork – many major companies use team building activities to encourage communication and collaboration in a new environment. These situations force employees to think on their feet and work together, which translates back to the workplace.

Make Team Building Events Fun!

Team building is different in every company, but the main focus should be on having fun together outside of the office. Let’s look at some creative team building ideas that will get your employees excited!

Office Trivia – Come up with a series of questions specific to your workplace and test your team’s knowledge.

Scavenger Hunt – Split everyone into groups and make a list of fun things to find or do outside your office. The first team to complete each item on the list, wins.

Team lunch – organise for your team to have a nice lunch and pick up the tab.

Office Games Day – split employees into teams and let them undertake a series of problem solving and collaboration games.

Workplace Olympics – set up different obstacles or sports for teams to compete in.

Shark Tank – divide the group into teams of 2 to 6 and have them come up with a business idea that needs to be pitched in only 10 minutes.

Corporate team building can have many benefits which go beyond simply good memories of a fun day out of the office. Being in a neutral setting which offers a non-work task as the main activity helps people break down the barriers of day-to-day office life.

If you are looking for a unique venue to host a team building event, Merrimu may be the perfect option for you. One of Melbourne’s finest corporate function venues, our stunning heritage building and manicured gardens provide the perfect indoor and outdoor venue for your employees to get to know each other, work together and learn new skills in a fun environment. Contact our event coordinators today and let us help you plan a successful team building event.

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