Planning a wedding is definitely no mean feat. Apart from the time and effort to get everything organised, you will also have to put up with the curiosity of your potential guests as to what they can expect when the big day arrives.

That’s why your wedding invitation is one of the keystones of a successful wedding, because if it’s done well, you will give them a clear picture and hopefully a lot of excitement. Here’s what you should keep in mind when designing your wedding invitations:

  • Colours are key

By the time you’re designing your wedding invite, you will probably already have a clear idea of the colour and themes you’ll be using. This is a great opportunity to subtly let these colours shine in your invitation.

  • Let your style shine

Speaking of theme, the style of your wedding should also definitely be present in the invitations. This means that whether the day is going to be stylish and a bit more formal, or more casual, be sure to let your invitation echo that feel. If you are uncertain how to mirror your theme with your invitation, do a bit of research for inspiration.

  • Be sure they do what they are supposed to

Whatever you choose for your invitation’s look and feel, remember that it has a clear role to fulfil – to ensure that your guests know who is hosting, what the dates and times are and other info such as whether you prefer gifts or not. So be sure that your invitation isn’t over-designed, and that all the necessary info is easy to find and understand.

There are also some traditional choices you can make, like spelling the dates and times out to the placement of names. These choices should also reflect the type of wedding you’re planning, but be sure to choose something that makes you and your spouse-to-be happy.

  • Be 100% certain

One of the last things you want is a wedding invitation that has a spelling mistake, or even worse, with the incorrect times, dates or venue names. Before you take your final design to the printers, have a single invitation printed out that you and your loved ones can proofread and approve before you get the rest done. And get someone who has never seen it before to give it a once-over. You won’t believe the simple mistakes you will have missed having been so close to the process.

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