If you’re planning a wedding, you have probably realised just how much work is involved. From flowers to photographers, celebrants to caters there’s a never ending list of meetings, tastings and viewings. The good news is working with a professional planner can help immensely, saving you time, money and above all, stress. No longer just for the rich and famous, wedding planners are now accessible, affordable, and a wise investment. At Merrimu, we have been one of Melbourne’s leading wedding reception venues for over 60 years. Here’s our reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding planner for your special day.

They Will Save You Time

Most wedding planners offer different packages, so you can choose how much or how little you want to work alongside them and how much of the workload you would like them to handle. Typically, wedding planners will schedule appointments, liaise with vendors, and help you plan out all the details of your wedding day, but they can also be a trusted person to help with all important decisions. They will take much of the stressful planning off of your plate, allowing you to focus on finding the perfect dress or planning your honeymoon.

They Will Help You Stick to Your Budget

With the rise of social media sites such as Pinterest, sometimes it can be tempting to add in just one more thing you saw while scrolling online. However, little things add up and can result in a major budget blow-out. A wedding planner can help to keep you accountable for your spending and also suggest alternative and affordable solutions that will allow you to create your fairy-tale wedding while still adhering to the budget.

They Bring Fresh Ideas

Wedding planners know who’s who, which Melbourne wedding reception venues are hot, and which vendors you should avoid and this is all based on their own personal experiences. You can be confident they will steer you in the right direction when they give their professional advice. They will also offer creative ways to bring your dream wedding to life, suggest out-of-the-box ideas if you are after something unique and make you familiar with latest wedding trends.

They Have a Wide Network of Trusted Vendors

Wedding planners have professional relations with an abundance of reliable and trustworthy suppliers who have experience and expertise in the business. They also possess knowledge of the industry’s best practices, helping them to work according to your needs and deliver their best services at your big day.

They Create a Wedding Day Timeline

Wedding planners confirm setup times with vendors and confirm all the finer details in the weeks leading up to your wedding. They will also create a detailed timeline for your entire wedding day ensuring enough time for photos, pre-dinner drinks, speeches and more, making sure everything runs seamlessly throughout the whole ceremony and reception. 

They Will Be the Point of Contact On Your Wedding Day

A wedding planner will be the point of the contact for all vendors on your wedding day so all you have to do is focus on getting ready and staying calm. You won’t need to meet caterers, wait for a cake delivery or direct the florist, they will be the go-to person so you can relax with your bridal party and prepare for day ahead.

It takes on average over 250 hours to plan a wedding so it pays to hire a wedding planner to help with phone calls, appointment scheduling, decision making, rehearsal management and more! Merrimu is a leading wedding reception venue Melbourne wedding planners know and trust, we also have our own in-house team of highly experienced and professional wedding planners ready to help you bring your dream wedding to life. If you’re looking for a stunning award-winning event space surrounded by magnificent gardens and run by a passionate team of wedding experts, contact us today.

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