Your wedding menu is one of the most important features of your special day since it is one of the aspects of your wedding that involves all attendees. Good food and beverages can contribute either negatively or positively to the overall success of your big day.

You want the perfect wedding. You’ve done all hard work in finding the right venue, the right theme, the horse and carriage, the dress, the make-up artist, the ring, etc., etc. – but have you really considered what your guests will eat on your special day?

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch!

  • Buffet meal

Depending on the style of your wedding theme, a buffet is more suitable for smaller ceremonies or more intimate ones.

 What’s good?

There is a variety of food available to suit all your guests’ tastes. It brings the party closer and helps the guests engage.

What’s bad?

It can become a messy sight very quickly, and the long queues can lead to complaining and frustration.

  • Sit-down meal

Stylish wedding receptions with a large number of guests may be better off with a sit-down meal.

What’s good?

The good thing about a sit-down meal is that guests do not have to run up and down with plates in their hands. It is also a more efficient means of ensuring all guests eat at the same time.

What’s bad?

Sit-down meals may cost more since you will have to hire more waiting staff to carry dishes. Also, the variety of a set dish may not be ample to cater for ALL your guests’ special tastes.

  • Cocktail food

Usually, the go-to option for Cocktail-style Parties where guests often stand and finger food will suffice to cater for your guests.

What’s good?
You can choose from an array of options and it allows you to cater to a range of tastes – guests merely have the decision to say yes or no when the wait staff bring the food out. It also provides a better layout for guests to mingle and walk around for different food options.

What’s bad?

Similar issues to buffet, where it can get messy quickly. Also, if you don’t supply enough space for all your guests, it can get very squishy and becomes loud and uncomfortable.

  • Other important things to consider

You should also consider another factor when it comes to planning your wedding menu. One meal doesn’t suit all people. You need to think of vegetarians, and those require Halal, Kosher or gluten-free foods.

What’s good?

Your guests will appreciate the care you take in their special dietary or religious concerns. It will make them feel that their presence is important to you, and it will add to the overall success of your wedding day.

What’s bad?

It will cost you more and you will have to include this in your invitation. If you cannot afford to offer such foods, then you should inform your guests of the meal options beforehand.

Now that you have a better understanding of what menu would suit your wedding theme and budget, you can go ahead and arrange with the caterers, or if your wedding venue has catering on-site, speak to them, such as one of Melbourne’s best boutique wedding venues, Merrimu. Call them for advice on 9568 1811.

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