The question of wedding gifts can be a conundrum. Many modern couples live together before marriage, which means they have established a household by the time they’re walking down the aisle. It’s for this reason that they may want to ask their guests for cash towards their honeymoon or to put towards an investment rather than asking for a gift.

Other couples may prefer to receive traditional wedding gifts though. You may feel awkward about asking your guests for what you need, but the truth is that they’ll appreciate some guidance. So do you choose a wishing well or a gift registry for your wedding? Here’s what you need to make the right choice:

A wishing well

At the wedding reception, there will be a decorated box of some kind into which guests can drop an envelope containing cash, a gift voucher or small gift.

A wishing well will enable you to start your life with a nest egg, or enough money to enjoy a fabulous honeymoon. It’s also an effortless option for guests.

A gift registry

Many retailers offer a gift registry service, which enables couples to list goods they would like to own. Guests have access to the list and can purchase items the couple has chosen.

A gift registry is ideal for couples who haven’t lived together before and need to kit out their home. But it’s also a good option if you have cohabited as you can choose items you’d love to own, but haven’t bought for one reason or another.

Making the right choice

The option you choose will depend on your needs as a couple. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to choose between the two; you can offer your guests both options. And that’s a good idea because some people find a request for cash distasteful.

Informing your guests

The correct etiquette is to include a card in your wedding invitation. Never include your gift request on the invitation card. There are many wording options available online, and the key is to let your guests know that you’re trying to make things easier for them.

As long as you word your gift request respectfully, no-one should be offended. Most people will be grateful that you’ve let them know what you’d like. You know your guests well, so trust your instincts and enjoy the process. At Merrimu, we can help make your dream wedding a reality. Call us today and arrange a meeting with one of our experienced in-house wedding planners.

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