With a marriage proposal comes many decisions to make. One of the biggest ones will be setting the date, as this will determine everything from whether you can book your venue of choice to what you’ll be able to wear. In fact, according to Easy Weddings Australia’s Annual Australian Wedding Survey, almost a quarter of all couples choose their wedding date according to the season! If you’re still trying to finalise dates, we’d recommend picking one in Summer. Here’s why:

It’s better attended

People are more likely to attend a wedding in Summer, and they’re also more likely to spend time at your reception. Cold weather and early evenings, plus trying to find something to wear that is both warm and stylish, keeps many people away. Plus, those with kids or the elderly are unlikely to attend. Summer daylight hours can give you up to four extra hours of dancing, eating and photos with guests.

You get better photos

Summer weddings give you plenty of outdoor venue options. However, many people choose indoor ones anyway as it’s air-conditioned, easier to decorate and can prevent weather from disrupting their plans. Summer will still make a better choice of date here as it will offer you plenty of natural light as well as outdoor scenery – both of which make for beautiful wedding photos.

You can go brighter – and lighter

With summer comes a burst of bright colour in food, décor and floral arrangements. Carnations, zinnias, hydrangeas and delphiniums are all in season during this time and come in a variety of colours. Wedding menus can offer lighter and more creative foods than winter ones, which often feature heavy and warming dishes. Finally, your décor has more leeway to be bright and beautiful to match your floral arrangements and the weather outside.

If all the above doesn’t convince you, then consider the fact that when it comes to preferred wedding dates and seasons, most couples choose to get married in Spring and Autumn. Having your wedding in Summer (instead of these peak months) means that you’ll be choosing a season with less demand, which means more dates to choose from at better prices. What more could you possibly ask for?

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