The season you decide to marry in can affect many different aspects of your wedding including your venue, dress code, food and flowers. Spring is the season for new beginnings which is why it is the perfect time to start a new chapter in your life with the one you love. Springtime is made for weddings; winter is gone, and everyone is looking forward to warmer weather. Thinking of having your wedding in spring? Here are just a few reasons why we think spring is the perfect time for a wedding:

  1. Beautiful weather

Good weather is a crucial ingredient for the success of a wedding celebration. In spring the temperature warms up so that it is not as chilly as in winter or unbearably stuffy and hot as in summer. Although the weather is warmer, you may still experience a pesky rain shower.  Choose a wedding venue that is indoors but still has beautiful gardens you can use for photos.

  1. Pretty wedding photos

Speaking of wedding photos, spring is a great season for pretty wedding snaps. With blooming flowers, vibrantly green trees and the perfect amount of sunlight, you can create magical wedding photos.

  1. Abundance of flowers

Spring has the most amount of flowers available for your wedding bouquet. Buying flowers in season will be more affordable and you will have a wider variety of choice. The mild spring weather will also help your bouquets and flower arrangements last longer.

  1. Guest availability

Spring is not generally a travelling season, and with everyone coming back from their European holidays, you are more likely to have all your invitees comes to your wedding. Spring also has a few public holidays, especially in Melbourne, which can be used to create extra-long weekends to extend the party vibe.

Spring is a smart choice when it comes to getting married but remember that with so many couples choosing spring as the season to get married, it is essential to book your wedding venue well in advance to avoid disappointment. Merrimu Receptions offers the finest food and service at their wedding venue in Chadstone. Contact us to start planning your spring wedding today.

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