Your wedding day is your day. You’ve been planning for months – and for many young brides-to-be, since they were young girls. You want the entire day to go off without a hitch, especially your wedding photos. Apart from your lasting memories of the event, they are the only way for you to reminisce on your big day. Which is why your photos need to be absolutely perfect, and to make that a reality, here are your top tips to get the perfect wedding photos.

  • Setting

The setting is key. You need a picturesque backdrop. An elegant garden for example. Under a tree or in front of beautiful flowers is where you can take a great image. If your venue has a staircase, walk hand-in-hand down the staircase and wait for the flash. In short, get the perfect setting for your photos should be your first step.

  • Magic

By “magic” we mean you should consider adding in elements that weren’t initially part of your wedding. For example, at the end of the ceremony, you could have a shower of confetti dropped like rain on you and your loved one, with both of you kissing underneath. Another element of magic might be to release doves at the right time with nobody else in view. However, one of the most memorable must be the pair of you coming out of the ceremony hall united, with your loving family and friends flanking you with smiles and applause.

  • Professional

Finally, ensure that you hire a professional photographer. Ask to see his or her portfolio. You cannot afford to have a photographer who hasn’t done a wedding shoot before, or one that will have your heads cropped off! A professional photographer will not only take a great show, but they will also provide you with advice on how to pose and ensure your shots look natural.

With these tips, you’re sure to have the day of your dreams with the love of your life, and also have photos to remind you of this great occasion for years to come.

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