Smaller, intimate weddings can be truly something special. Personal, more relaxed and offering more opportunity for the bride and groom to celebrate with and have extended conversations with their nearest and dearest, a smaller wedding means more funds for food, drinks and even the future. Many brides dream of a big day with hundreds of guests, but there’s many advantages to choosing a smaller event, let’s look at a few:

Save Money

The average cost of a wedding in Australia has risen to $65,000! Not many couples can afford this without going into debt. Cutting down your guest allows you to significantly cut back your spending, saving you money that can be spent on a house deposit, honeymoon or simply other wedding items that may not have been originally been in the budget such as more gourmet food, fancy cocktails, a live band or more elaborate decorations. Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives, however they are also one of the most expensive. Wedding costs quickly add up so less guests will mean more chance of sticking to your budget yet still creating the perfect day.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere

Whether it’s a cocktail event or a sit down dinner, a small wedding allows you to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere where you can have conversations with all of your guests. You will be able to spend more quality time with your guests and you won’t have to worry about making your rounds through a ballroom to say a quick hello to each person. By cutting down your guest list, you get to invite only the people who truly matter to you and with whom you share the closest bonds.

Less Stress

It goes without saying that weddings are notorious stress-inducers. But, by having an intimate, small wedding, you’ll likely feel more relaxed during the organising stage and also on the day. There are fewer expectations for how the day should go so you can worry less about planning a schedule of your wedding day and more about having a good time. You will also have less budget worries and you can rest easy knowing the people that are in attendance are there for you, not just for the party.

A larger choice of wedding venues

Lavish weddings with a high number of guests don’t always ensure the best in wedding venues. Finding a wedding venue to accommodate a large number of guests can be actually rather difficult, meaning you may have to settle for the best of what’s available. Smaller weddings offer plenty of choice and a whole range of amazing venues – you will have many options from restaurants, bars and wineries to garden venues as well as intimate rooms at more traditional reception venues.

The Ability to Enjoy Every Moment

One of the most common complaints from newlyweds is that the whole day went too fast and they weren’t able to really relax and enjoy it. With so many people to see and photos to shoot, and plenty of hosting to do, many couples get limited quality time to spend together. By downsizing your wedding, you eliminate a lot of the fuss giving you the opportunity to soak up every moment and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you are planning a special, intimate wedding with only your closest family and friends then Merrimu is the perfect venue for you. Our Merrimu Room is a beautiful, Victorian styled space that is an ideal option for a smaller wedding. Creating memorable weddings for over 60 years, our unique heritage-inspired venue helps us make every wedding an experience you’ll never forget. Contact us today for more information on our wedding packages and let us help make your day magical.

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