Corporate events are not entirely dissimilar to wedding receptions in that the event must be well-planned, guest lists must be checked, seating must be arranged, decorations must be in place – and the entertainment must leave a positive mark on your guests.

The main purpose of a corporate event is to invite clients and/or employees to the event to show gratitude and to further establish your brand’s footing in the industry. But it needs to be one that they enjoy and look forward to attending.

Here are some of the best entertainment ideas to make your corporate event stand out:

  1. Comedian

While comedians can be hit or miss, they generally provide a good laugh and ensure there is a really positive vibe in the room. Just be very selective when you choose which comedian you go with – the last thing you want is an offensive or rude joke that offends half the room. You need to play to the crowd depending on what their backgrounds are.

  1. Musician

You can set a really nice environment with a generic band who can play songs both modern and old. You don’t need to rock the place, just set the mood. Even a solo singer with an acoustic guitar or piano is enough. You can generally request a certain genre of music or select the songs yourself.

  1. Magician

Believe us, it’s not only young kids who love magic tricks. You’d be surprised at how well they go down at corporate events, especially when they get the crowd involved. Whilst many dread being the assistant, we all thrive on the opportunity deep down.

  1. Celebrity Impersonators

Whether it’s Donald Trump, Oprah, Malcolm Turnbull, Michael Jackson or any other famous person, you generally can’t go wrong with a celebrity impersonator. As long as they’ve got the goods in terms of delivering on their characters and they don’t just look like them.

With these great entertainment ideas for your corporate event, you can be sure to show your brand in the best light; and ensure your guests have a great time.

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