Navigating the guest list of who you will and won’t invite to your wedding is a minefield. The wrong decision can cause major offence amongst friends and family, making it one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning for many couples. If you still aren’t sure whether to keep it a small and intimate gathering or invite distant relatives and long-lost friends to make it a massive affair, here are some factors that you should considerbeforemaking your final decision.

First, consider your costs

The biggest factor impacting your wedding size is cost. Before sending out invites, get an idea of what it is going to cost to host and feed the number of people you’re considering, while still keeping the menu and décor at the level of quality that you originally envisioned. If you want to find the best possible price, we recommend seeking out a joint ceremony and reception venue that also has catering options, as this will likely offer you a lower total cost per head (and less stress) than organising every element separately.

Secondly, consider your destination

Will it be practical forall family and friends attend your wedding? If you’re planning a destination wedding, this might not be a practical choice, as many won’t able to afford it or have time for the travelling required. You also might feel uncomfortable with inviting colleagues and acquaintances to something requiring this much commitment. Many people invite a larger group to the reception and only close loved ones to the ceremony, which is another thing to consider.

Finally, consider your heritage

In many cultures, weddings are occasions where family from all over gather to meet, and it’s not something that occurs very often. If you come from (or are marrying into) a large and traditional family, it might be the only time you will have everyone under the one roof at the same time – especially if there are older individuals you want present. It might be worth choosing a wedding if your family is scattered or if you do not see these distant members often.

At the end of the day, whether you choose a big or small wedding should be entirely your choice. Make one you’re 100% happy with your decision and you’ll enjoy yourself, no matter the size of the crowd.

Whether you’re having 50, 100 or 250+ people to your wedding, Merrimu Receptions’ wedding venues can cater to events of all sizes. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information!

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