Before you pick the right wedding venue you need to do a bit of homework. You need to ask the right questions to the venue manager or coordinator that you visit before you make the final decision.

Asking questions about the venue is important for you to know that whichever one you choose really is the right option. You’ll need to weigh up a few factors and without this information, you won’t be able to make your decision.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before deciding on yourwedding venue:

  • Capacity

The first thing you’ll need to ask is how many people the venue can hold. Your guest list will determine which venue will be appropriate, even if the venue is a stunner. If the reception centre is too small then it must simply be a ‘no’, and you should move on to another venue that can offer enough space to keep your guests comfortable.

  • Costing

Besides looking at your budget, you should ask the venue owner if there are any special prices that may help with your costs. For example, many wedding venues in Melbourne offer discounts if the wedding is on a Sunday or if it is in winter. If you’re ok with holding your wedding on these occasions, ask and see if you could get a better rate. You should also consider asking about package options that include venue hire, catering and bar service, because you may end up with a better quote by combining it all in one rather than looking to use different companies.

  • Special Features

Many venues across Australia offer special features such as gardens or a grand staircase, which are picturesque opportunities for your photographer. Having an extra feature could be a determining factor for the venue that you choose, so you should definitely ask what else they can offer apart from just the reception centre itself.

  • Operating times

Weddings are jovial events – ones of celebration. Alcohol plays a big role in a wedding, and there may be many of your guests who would like to carry on partying well into the late hours. Ask beforehand what the venue’s policy is regarding their ‘closing times’. This way, you can avoid any prickly scenes once your event has come to a close.

  • Parking

Not all brides and grooms think about parking as an important part of their wedding plans – but it does matter to your guests and you want to satisfy them, right? Therefore, you should ask whether your venue has parking on the ground and how many cars can fit, so you can be sure all your guests will have access.

Remember to ask these questions to your wedding venue to ensure your day goes off without a hitch!

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