Melbourne may be known for its fickle weather and it has certainly earned a reputation for having “four seasons in one day”. This may be slightly concerning if you’re planning to have your big day in this great city! Unlike many other Australian cities, Melbourne does have four distinct seasons, but with no guarantee of the perfect weather no matter what the time of year, is any particular season better to get married in than another? At Merrimu, we know one thing is for sure – in Melbourne, it’s important to choose a wedding reception venue based on its ability to host a spectacular event no matter what mother nature throws at you. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each season and help you decide which is the best season for you to tie the knot.

Spring Weddings

Spring is traditionally the start of the wedding season. According to recent statistics, spring weddings are the most popular choice for brides and grooms in Melbourne with as many as 37% of couples choosing to get married during September to November. The weather is warmer but it’s not scorching hot so while you can be confident of seeing sunshine on your big day, you don’t have to worry about the challenges of sweating in your gown or make up melting off your face. Spring also has the widest possible range of flowers on offer for your bridal bouquet and to decorate the wedding reception venue. While spring weddings are hugely popular, this is also a big downside as vendors and venues book out years in advance so you will need to allow for extra planning time to secure the suppliers you want. It also goes without saying that your budget may not stretch as far in spring. With popularity comes higher price tags so you might also need to allocate a bit extra to your wedding fund as venues and suppliers may charge extra or require more deposit during this season.

Summer Weddings

Melbourne tends to be dry from December to February. Almost 20% of couples choose to wed during the Melbourne summer months and it’s not hard to see why. It’s already a festive time of year so guests will be ready to party. You shouldn’t have to worry about the rain, so if you are planning an outdoor ceremony, summer is the best choice. Daylight savings allows you to have a late afternoon ceremony, taking advantage of the beautiful sunset or having pre-dinner drinks and canapes while the sun is still shinning. The main negative is the heat. It’s not unusual for the temperature on a summers day to soar past 40 degrees. If you are planning a summer wedding, especially an outdoor ceremony in the middle afternoon, ensure you have sufficient shade and prepare enough water for your guests.

Autumn Weddings

Autumn is another peak season for weddings in Melbourne with around one quarter of Melbourne weddings being held from March to May. Why? The weather is usually mild with a chance of sunshine, not too hot and not too cold. Streets, parks and gardens are filled with beautiful autumnal hues from colour changing trees, making an exquisite backdrop for wedding photography. The negatives are similar to those of spring, you may need to allocate extra planning time and funds in the wedding budget due to the popularity of the autumn months

Winter Weddings

June to August is definitely the quietest time for Melbourne weddings. There are quite a few positives, however. You will most certainly have lots of more choice of available vendors, suppliers and wedding reception venues. Rates may be cheaper throughout these months and you can be sure the groom and male guests will be comfortable in full suits. The bride and her girls also have the choice of wearing a long-sleeved dress, gorgeous jacket and elegant boleros. And let’s not forget that overcast, wintery conditions can make for the best photos. The downside for a winter wedding in Melbourne is definitely the cold, wet weather. June to August is the traditional rainy season and temperatures can hover around the low teens with little sun, so if you have your heart set on an outdoor event it’s probably best to skip winter or ensure you have a wet weather back-plan.

No matter what season you choose to hold your wedding, Merrimu is the perfect Melbourne wedding reception venue, whether there’s rain, hail or shine forecast. With English-style manicured gardens for pretty spring or summer ceremonies and stunning heritage inspired buildings with elegant interiors, you can be sure your guests will enjoy the event in maximum comfort. Contact us today to book an appointment or for more on our wedding reception package inclusions and pricing, complete our contact form online.

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