The days of cookie-cutter wedding ceremonies with meringue style white dresses and a reverend reciting Corinthians 13 are long over. These days, the average couple is marrying later in life, and therefore have a bigger budget and stronger opinions on what their special day should be like.

Plus, people are now more inclined to blend the old and new, which is why a heritage wedding venue with a picturesque and elegant setting, can also provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your big day with modern components.

Tradition is a beautiful thing, and being able to acknowledge this in something as important as your nuptials is a wonderful thing – especially with your wedding ceremony venue. However, there are some elements of the past that are best left behind, such as a lack of electricity and no flushing toilets! So be very careful how “heritage” or “boutique” you choose.

This means that you will want a location that perfectly blends the old and new with style, like the heritage wedding venue at Merrimu Receptions, which allow you to enjoy modern conveniences while still enjoying old-world ambience. It also offers the added advantage of photographing beautifully and giving you a pre-determined theme you can work with.

When you marry at Merrimu, you are marrying in a local homestead that has been standing for over 135 years, a significant portion of which it has existed as a dedicated event venue. In this time, it has seen well over 5000 weddings, engagement parties and events. While the venue has a Victorian look and feel that extends to its ballroom and dancefloor (complete with plentiful mirrored areas, grand staircases and detailed ceilings) it has catered to a variety of weddings, with no requested detail or request too large or small to cater for. You can also make full use of our wonderful garden, which has become a photographer’s dream environment.

No matter what you have in mind for your heritage wedding, Merrimu can make it happen in our own unique way, without compromising on your unique terms and the ability to blend a heritage look with a modern feel.

We suggest booking a tour with us to see the possibilities for yourself, so get in contact with us today by calling 9568 1811.

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