A good school formal requires a lot of planning. You want to ensure that people have a great time, there’s plenty of food and drink and the entertainment is spot on.

So, how would you go about setting up a school formal that will remain unforgettable? Here are some tips to help you plan.

The Venue

There should be plenty of space to cater for students, teachers and potentially family members as well. But more importantly, you’ll need a large-enough dance floor, because one of the most enjoyable reasons why students are there is to dance and enjoy good music. You’ll also need to ensure that the venue is easy to get to and has adequate facilities, such as bathrooms, parking and disabled access.

The Entertainment

There are so many options. Do you choose a band or DJ? A brand might provide a better live experience, but a DJ is sure to rock the party and play all the dancefloor fillers. You want the dancefloor full, which is why it’s important to hire a DJ that will play to the crowd. Sure a few classic songs are great, but it’s got to be music the students will want to party to. You’ll need to make sure that whoever your entertainment is, that they have access and support for audio equipment.

The Catering

The food isn’t the most important part of the night, but it’s still crucial that a) there is enough food, and b) it is quality food. You have a couple of options, including a buffet or an a la carte dinner menu with two or three courses. As it’s a ‘formal’ event, it would probably be best to organise a sit-down a la carte function. Ensure that there are enough drinks for all the guests as well, and with underage people in attendance, no alcohol.

Best of luck with your school formal. If you’re looking for a great venue that caters for all of the above, be sure to contact Merrimu.

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