Weddings are usually based on tradition. There ways in which we should do things because they’ve been done for so long. But what if you want your wedding to really stand out. Especially when there are a few big occasions around the same time, how do you get people talking about yours the most? Here are just a few of the ways you can achieve that:

  1. Dress as you please

A major part of weddings is what the bride wears, but this doesn’t have to be the typical white meringue dress and heels that you can barely walk in.Especially if you’ve got a huge wedding venue and you have to get around to say thanks to all your guests. Here’s an opportunity to break tradition. In regards to style and design, why not add a splash of colour, or if you aren’t a fan of dresses at all, then choose an elegant and well-cut suit for the occasion. Either – or perhaps even both – of these fashion statement will definitely get people talking. If your concern is comfort, then you can always go with flat shoes. Your comfort in what you’re wearing is paramount and will make for a better wedding experience.

  1. Create your own ceremony

While religious-based traditional vows are a choice for many, don’t be afraid to make yours more your own. Your choices range from the poignant (a moment of remembrance for people who you have passed away) to the quirky (having your dog act as your ringbearer). Small details like this not only stick out in the minds of others, but also photograph beautifully and engage the audience.

  1. Skip the photo shoot

Instead of spending hours posing for photos and keeping your guests waiting, why not skip the formal shoot entirely? Instead, have your photographer capture candid, unforced moments from the moment you step foot down the aisle to the reactions to speeches during your reception afterwards. It’s much more authentic and will do a better job of capturing the moment and atmosphere for eternity.

  1. Surprise them with a quirky centrepiece

Usually, there’s a floral bouquet or some kind of predictable centrepiece, why not create a key point of difference with something truly unique. If you’re both AFL fans, why not put a football in the middle of the table and have your guests fight over who gets to take it home at the end of the event. Or you could even run a competition (i.e. under the seat prize) to determine that yourselves. If you want to wow them all together, you could even have a surprise on every seat so ALL your guests can go home with something.

Whatever you choose to do with your wedding, making it unique and unforgettable will ensure your guests walk away with a memorable experience.

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