Your wedding day can be spent in many different locations, and it’s common for couples to choose spacious ballrooms for the second half of their wedding day so that guests can eat, mingle and dance while speeches are made and toasts are called for. If a particular Melbourne wedding venue features prominently in your upcoming wedding plans, then make sure it stands out from the rest with the following tips:

  1. Use your colour theme consistently

Some ballrooms come equipped with standard furnishings and elements that can’t be changed. This doesn’t mean that you’re forced to adhere to the present style scheme. A simple but effective way to make the space yours, is to add your theme colour everywhere – from the walls to the flowers and table settings.Most venues allow you to swap out linens and coverings for your own. As long as you select a colour that doesn’t clash,it will look uniquely yours.

  1. Bring the outside in

Savvy brides planning an outdoor wedding will often have their ceremony in a ballroom in case the weather turns. If you have decided to do something similar, why not bring the outdoors indoors instead? Use elements of nature to decorate your ballroom, such as large potted plants and trees, as well as overflowing floral arrangements,which can make you feel like you’re outdoors. It will provide all the appeal of being outdoors without battling insects, strong winds and possible rain.

  1. Maximise your ceiling

One of the biggest advantages a ballroom offers is high ceilings. How can you make sure you’re using this critical element of space that you’re paying for? Make sure you include centrepieces that are tall enough to work in the space, or hang ceiling features such as crystal drops or fairy lights for a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

  1. Have a Harvest Table

Is your ballroom a little short on space? Then create a dining option that looks great and allows guests to create their own meals. Harvest tables allow you to display foods in an attractive way without taking up too much space, and allows the centre of the room to remain the focal point of attention.

The beauty of decorating any space is that the only limit is your creativity. Make it your own for a wedding reception to remember!

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