Flower arrangements are an integral feature of your big day. They set the colour scheme for the event and are a beautiful decoration that will delight your guests. The most important flower arrangement of the day is the bride’s bouquet, but there are several other places where flowers are needed for your wedding.

  • Flowers for the aisle

Aisle floral arrangements can brighten up the even the plainest wedding venues Melbourne has to offer. Whether you are in a church, hall or outdoors, flowers can be placed along the aisle to add a beautiful touch to the important walkway. Flowers can also be added to an arbour which will stand behind you when you say your vows.

  • Groom and groomsmen’s boutonniere

It’s not often that men are asked to wear flowers as part of their attire. However, this accentuating feature can bring a groom’s or groomsman’s suit to life. Subtlety should be the main focus for the boutonniere while the choice of colour should complement the bride’s bouquet and the colour scheme of the day.

  • Flower petals for guests to throw

Once the ceremony is over, leaving as a newlywed couple is a momentous occasion. It is commonplace for the guests to throw petals over you during this moment, which can make for some truly iconic photos that will last a lifetime.

  • Table arrangements

Flower arrangements for the tables are an important addition for the wedding venue. A bouquet or decorative centrepiece can be used on every table. Many couples opt to have identical flower arrangements on every table while others may use unique pieces to differentiate the tables. Small flowers are probably best as large ones can disrupt communication between guests.

  • Cake table

Cutting the cake is one of the most iconic moments of the entire day, which is why you’ll need to make the table look as pretty as possible. Adding flower arrangements that sit around the bottom of the cake and droop over the front of the table can work wonders for the overall look and vibe. You can even add the same flowers from your bouquet to the cake so they all coordinate.

Flower arrangements can transform the look of your wedding. Want a beautiful Melbourne wedding venue as the backdrop of your floral arrangements? Choose Merrimu for your wedding day. Contact us to start planning your dream wedding today!