Planning a corporate event can become stressful for even the calmest people. A successful corporate event will get people talking but, unfortunately, so will a poorly planned one. To make sure your event goes off without a hitch, make sure you avoid these four mistakes.

  • Not choosing a central location

Before worrying too much about the specifications of the venue, it’s important that you consider the geographic location. The best corporate events are all united by selecting a central location, and this should be the first item on your agenda too.

Finding a corporate function venue with a central location makes the event more accessible. This will influence the decisions of your guests as to whether they should attend, and can significantly boost your numbers. Don’t just consider a city location either. Often, venues outside the city can be preferred as they are easier to travel to and closer to guests.

  • The space is too small

It is vital to avoid booking a venue that is too small for your corporate event. There’s nothing worse than having to reject guests due to choosing a venue that can’t accommodate them. An event space that feels cramped and claustrophobic can have a hugely negative impact on the event as well. Be sure to make an accurate calculation on the crowd. Once you have a rough idea of the numbers, venues can tell you whether the capacity is sufficient enough.

  • There are no refreshments

Most corporate events start in the morning so it is important to provide your guests with food and drink in case they haven’t had breakfast. Not only will this keep them satisfied once the event has started, it is also a nice gesture and guests will appreciate it. Catering can be the difference between a good event and a great one, so make it a priority when choosing the venue to hold your corporate function.

  • The event speakers can’t be heard

While creating a comfortable atmosphere is integral to the guest experiences and overall success of the event, you must not overlook the primary function of the event. Whether it is to inform, advertise or just entertain, the speakers at the event need to be heard. Knowing that the corporate function venue is equipped with all the necessary equipment is incredibly important. A PA system is one of the most essential features on the day. Meanwhile, if the presentation requires visual aids, the display screens will be equally crucial.

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