Once you’ve said “yes”, planning your wedding starts as an exciting, magical adventure but it can soon turn into a stress-generating machine of monstrous proportions that seems to get larger by the day. That cool, calm and collected bride you see in the bridal mags could be you. How? You have to stop pre-wedding stress in its tracks.

Here are some ways to start doing just that:

  1. Consider using a wedding planner

Planning a wedding is not the time to subscribe to the philosophy of “If you want something done well, it’s best to do it yourself”. If your wedding is to be an elaborate affair, you won’t be able to do it all and still maintain your sanity. A professional event organiser has the required experience and skills to ensure that everything goes according to plan on your special day, leaving you to concentrate on being a beautiful bride.

  1. Plan for unpredictable weather

Thanks to global warming, you can’t always rely on the weather to be reliable. Especially not in Melbourne! Don’t let the elements hold your wedding day hostage. Make sure that you plan for all weather on your big day, especially if yours is going to be an outdoor wedding. A professional event organiser will have a range of suitable options for you to consider.

  1. Book hair and beauty treatments in advance

One of the most common mistakes brides-to-be make is not booking beauty treatments well in advance. Popular beauty salons get booked up pretty quickly, so leaving your treatments for the last minute is risky.

  1. Practice makes perfect, so schedule a rehearsal dinner

A rehearsal dinner provides the opportunity for everyone to go through the motions of what will take place at the reception on the day. Knowing what to expect will help soothe frayed nerves.

  1. “Us time” is a must

The run-up to your wedding, with all its demands, can take its toll on you and your future husband or wife. This is a particularly important time to nurture yourself and your fiancé. Find the time to enjoy a meal together in a lovely restaurant, or even get away for a weekend to get away from it all.

A fluttering of butterflies in your tummy is to be expected; what you don’t want is to be overwhelmed by gale-force nerves and stress. Merrimu Receptions offers integrated event coordinating services, as well as a stunning venue with a reception area, ballroom and dance floor. Book your event at Merrimu Receptions in Melbourne today.

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